Here we have covered Class VI to XII NCERT which will help you out in preparation of all Competitive Examinations including Civil Services Examination.


This book Provides clear and concise summaries of Indian Polity concepts from NCERT, making complex topics more accessible for students.

Tailored to align with major competitive exams and educational assessments, ensuring students focus on topics likely to be tested.
Quick Revision Resource:

Serves as a valuable quick revision resource, allowing students to review key concepts efficiently before exams.
In-depth Understanding:

Goes beyond mere summarization to offer insights and explanations that enhance the reader’s understanding of Indian Polity.
Practical Applications:

Incorporates visual aids like flowcharts and diagrams to simplify complex structures and processes within the Indian political system.
Case Studies:

Relates theoretical concepts to real-world applications, helping students grasp the practical implications of political principles.
Key Features:
Chapter-wise Summaries:

Organizes content in a chapter-wise format, making it easy for students to navigate and focus on specific areas of Indian Polity.
Constitutional Amendments Highlight:

Highlights key amendments to the Indian Constitution, aiding students in keeping track of changes and developments over time.
Flowcharts and Diagrams:

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Comprehensive Coverage:The book provides a thorough summary of the key concepts and topics covered in the NCERT textbooks on Indian Polity. This helps students and readers grasp the essentials without having to go through the entire textbook.
Clarity and Simplification:The content is presented in a clear and simplified manner. The language is easily understandable, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, including students and those preparing for competitive exams.
Structured Approach:The book follows a well-organized structure, mirroring the arrangement of the original NCERT textbooks. This helps readers navigate through the content seamlessly, making it easier to locate specific information.
Comparative Analysis:Offering a comparative analysis of different chapters or topics can provide a holistic view. This feature helps readers understand the connections between different aspects of Indian polity, fostering a deeper understanding.